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6S precision management


Careful layout and intensive service network in the national market to ensure timely professional services to customers


The company selects high-quality, high-tech talents to form an expert technical service team to meet the high-quality service needs of customers.


The company conducts systematic training on the etiquette and professional skills of the service personnel, so that every employee always faces the customer with a smile and always stays positive and optimistic.


The company builds a worry-free service system, from machine selection to installation and commissioning, from technical communication training to solving production process problems. We provide customers with pre-sale, sale and after-sale system support.


The company requires service personnel to fully and accurately obtain the real service needs of customers in the three stages of pre-sale, sale and after-sales so that other colleagues can better serve customers.

The company has built a comprehensive system of after-sales service systems, standards and processes to ensure that our customers can access our various service supports very conveniently.