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Brand story


Guangdong Starlight Transmission Co., Ltd. was founded in 1965 as a state-owned military enterprise-Industry application of integrated drive solutions.

The company has strong technical strength and has more than 400 employees, including more than 40 engineers and technicians. It has a team of senior engineers who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council as the core, and various advanced processing and testing equipment, relying on provincial engineering technology research. The center, the reducer product test room and the modern R&D and production base provide a good development foundation for the industrial application development and service of high-end reducer products.

The company's leading products are: JWB-X series mechanical stepless transmission, RV series worm reducer, B/JXJ series cycloid reducer, NCJ series gear reducer, R/S/K/F series high precision gear reducer Tens of millions of different specifications, transmission ratios, connections and installation methods are available for XGK series hypoid gear reducers. It is widely used in the manufacturing and application industries of ceramics, glass, woodworking, high-voltage switch, food and beverage, packaging and printing, warehousing and logistics, lifting and transportation, parking equipment, etc., and provides professional products and services for middle and high-end users. The products are sold well in China and exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Group Profile


State-owned military enterprise - State-owned Starlight Tooling Factory






Products sell well in many countries and regions abroad



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The predecessor of Starlight Transmission - the establishment of the military enterprise "State-run Starlight Tooling Factory"

Development path


In the future development, Xingguang will carry the core values of “achieve customers, diligent and simple, self-criticism, innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, teamwork”, and “quality creates value” as the business philosophy, focusing on customer needs and providing competitiveness. Drive solutions continue to create value for customers, creating high-end equipment manufacturing and end-users to replace the import, upgrade and replace the brand!

Enterprise honor

Development positioning

Starlight Manufacturing Starlight Creation Starlight Service
Create high-end equipment manufacturing
Replace import, upgrade, preferred brand

investment plan

——The construction of the second phase of the new plant will build a high-end equipment manufacturing industry and a core component manufacturing base.
——The construction of the Starlight Research Institute is dedicated to the research and development of control, drive and transmission integration technologies.
——The construction of the Starlight College project, with the premise of achieving the strategic objectives, professional education and training, including “building a team of lecturers, writing professional textbooks, developing typical cases”, etc. The training targets are: employees, suppliers, sellers, customers and Potential partner.

development Goals

Product invisible champion, industry leader
★ 2020 production and sales of 1 billion yuan;
★ Production and sales of 5 billion yuan in 2025.

Short-term goal

On the basis of platformized products and applied design, the overall transmission solution provider aims at product development in advantageous industries, establishes product barriers with technical barriers, and gradually enters the field of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor drive with OEM, assembly line and joint venture. Establish a star-light combination product.

Strategic project

★ Build a startup platform - open up internal entrepreneurship and implement "Star Miba" cell fission
★ Create an industry alliance - technical capital cooperation, promote alliance cooperation
★Building service system - set up a distribution service center to meet customer needs
★ Build a research and development platform - build a research institute to promote the pace of technological innovation
★ Implementing Talent Engineering - Building Starlight College and cultivating 100 Starlight Elites
★Exploring Capital Operation - Listing of Enterprise Operations and Creating 5 Billion Enterprises

Long-term goals

System integration solution provider integrating power, transmission and control