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Ceramic industry
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's ceramic industry and the formation of the status of the world's ceramic manufacturing center, the innovation and development of China's ceramic machinery and equipment has been vigorously promoted. Whether from the type, quantity, quality or technical content of products, China's ceramic machinery and equipment have entered the world's advanced level. Nowadays, from the single machine design and manufacturing to the whole line design and integration, China's ceramic machinery is an important force in the world's ceramic technology and equipment. Since 1987, Xingguang transmission has been serving the ceramic industry for 30 years. Its products are applied to the whole line transmission solutions of ceramics, such as ball milling and mixing, embryo forming, drying and firing, glaze line transmission, deep processing, packaging, etc. Suitable for starlight reducer: JWB-X stepless transmission, K / F / R / s four series gear reducer, NCJ gear reducer, snkg200 glaze line special reducer, XGK hypoid gear reducer, RV worm reducer, B / JXJ cycloid pinwheel reducer and other products.