Woodworking industry

(Summary description)我国的精密裁板锯、直线贴边机、砂光机、四边成型机等木工机械已打开了走向国际市场的道路。未来拉美、中东、非洲等新兴市场需求逐渐扩大。

Woodworking industry

(Summary description)我国的精密裁板锯、直线贴边机、砂光机、四边成型机等木工机械已打开了走向国际市场的道路。未来拉美、中东、非洲等新兴市场需求逐渐扩大。


my country's woodworking machinery such as precision panel saws, linear welting machines, sanding machines, and four-sided forming machines have opened the way to the international market. In the future, the demand in emerging markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa will gradually expand. With competitive prices and excellent quality, it has brought huge opportunities for the development of woodworking machinery in China. At the same time, with the improvement of the technical level, it will strive for more market shares for Chinese enterprises in Europe and the United States.

The main features of the woodworking industry:
1. High-speed cutting, precision woodworking panel saw
2. Some components with lower precision
3. High noise level
4. No cooling device is required, but chips and dust removal devices are required.
5. Mostly use straight-through feeding, few transfer stations.

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