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Guangdong Starshine Drive Co.,Ltd.

The predecessor of Guangdong Xingguang Transmission Co., Ltd. is a state-owned military enterprise established in 1965 - the state-owned Xingguang Mould and Mould Factory. The company pursues the dual happiness of all employees, both material and spiritual, and drives the global industry with industry-leading reduction gear application technology. Innovation is the mission, building a conscious organization, and becoming a happy enterprise serving the world is the vision.

Have employees

With industry-leading application technology of reduced transmission machines, it drives global industrial innovation!

Adhere to the concept of "quality creates value", pursue excellent quality that is synchronized with the world's equipment technology level, accurately meet the needs of industry customers, and provide customers with more efficient and energy-saving product value experience with industry-leading reduction gear application technology solutions.


Become China's reduction gear

Manufacturing industry leader

Focus on the R&D, design and production of reduction gears, leading the industry with professional and efficient product solutions and comprehensive systematic services,Contribute to the creation of a green and environmental protection industry for human society.

Become a company with both material and spiritual happiness for all employees


We look forward to your pursuit of ideals, self-challenge and continuous innovation on this open, inclusive and ecologically diverse platform with us. While creating real value for the society, we will discover the truth, sunshine and the self with thousands of possibilities.

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Looking forward to your visit at the 2022 Ceramic Industry Transmission Solutions Exchange Conference @Sichuan Station

Looking forward to your visit at the 2022 Ceramic Industry Transmission Solutions Exchange Conference @Sichuan Station

As an important transmission device, the reduction gear is widely used in various processes in the ceramic industry. In order to promote the development of the industry and meet the needs of customers
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Stable 2022 Starshine Drive: Give full play to its own value and empower the textile industry

As we all know, the textile industry has been developing vigorously. From the manual weaving in the past to the fully automated weaving, the production efficiency of the textile industry has been greatly improved with the help of machinery. The requirements for fabrics are getting higher and higher, and the previous textile machinery is also facing the crisis of being eliminated. Then, how to improve the precision of textiles and the density of textile fabrics, which requires the precision of textile machinery to be improved.



We Women, bring our own light! Starlight Transmission 3.8 Special Plan

new age women Shines a good light in good times They are gentle and independent, brave and tenacious Always maintain a positive and enterprising heart They are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters No matter what kind of character, there is a different kind of beauty



Starlight Transmission takes multiple measures to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control

1. In the face of difficulties, meet them It is the perseverance of all colleagues of Xingguang, and it is also a must!

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